Persian Suite No. II

For the first time in Australia, a Persian ensemble lead by Pegah Varamini has started a collaborative work with a western classical orchestra.

Hezar Ava Ensemble performed a successful concert, Persian Suite, in May 2014. Another time, the classical music of Persia and the occident will be performed at Persian Suite no. II. In this concert, Orchestra Corda Spiritus will also perform works by Tchaikovsky and Mozart featuring soloist, Armin Terzer, and conducted by Dr Stephen Wu. Persian orchestral compositions are arranged by Dr. Pegah Varamini and Dr. John C. Varney.

Stephen Wu is the conductor of the orchestra and Pegah Varamini is the leader of the Persian ensemble.

March 29, 2015

Advanced Engineering Building Staff House Road, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4072


Narenj Blossom

Narenj Bloosom concert is a performance by Hezar Ava Ensemble to celebrate Nowruz. In this concert, 13 pieces by Pegah Varamini and renowned composers will be performed.

The highlights of the repertoire are two songs namely “Narenj Blossom” and "Perssical". Narenj tree blooms in spring in Shiraz. The refreshing and fragrant blossoms touch the heart and soul of passers-by. Pegah composed “Narenj Blossom” in Mahour mode based on the poem of Bijan Samandar, “Shiraz”, to recals the beautiful gardens in Shiraz that are full of blossoms in spring. The other piece is Perssical, a fusion of Persian and western Classical opera, from which the name is originated. Pegah created this fusion of two music styling using a Persian traditional composition by Mehdi Khaledi in Homayoun mode and an aria from opera Tosca by Giaccomo Puccini. In this creatively fused piece, distinctive melodic and rhythmic patterns are elegantly developed and dovetailed together. 

Pegah has applied the western classical harmony, counterpoint and orchestration in the arrangement of the selected repertoire in a compatible way with Persian traditional Modal System. In this concert, an ensemble is featured comprising piano, violin, double bass, flute, clarinet, percussion, santour, tār, tonbak, and daf, together with soprano, mezzo soprano and tenor voices. Let’s celebrate Nowruz! We bring to you the scent of Narenj Blossoms 

March 15, 2015

St John College, The University of Queensland, Queensland, Australia


Persian Suite

 Hezar Ava Ensemble and Orchestra Corda Spiritus Live in Concert

The Classical Music of Persia and the Occident at a Crossroad

The Persian Suite includes Persian classical songs composed by Rouhollah Khaleghi and Pegah Varamini as well as Persian folk songs. The repertoire is arranged by John Varney and Pegah Varamini to be performed by Hezar Ava Ensemble and Orchestra Corda Spiritus. Tchaikovsky and Mendelssohn are also on the programme.


May 25, 2014

St Andrews Church


Tunes of Persia

A Piano and Soprano Duet featuring Original compositions by Hezar Ava Ensemble.

This performance represents some Persian orchestral works based on classical and folk melodies arranged for piano and soprano. The repertoire is mostly selected from 60s and 70s, the era when Persian orchestral music flourished.
Along with that, this concert will also feature Hezar Ava Ensemble performing original compositions by Pegah Varamini, the ensemble leader. 

May 5, 2014

St John College, The University of Queensland, Queensland, Australia


Concert at Customs House

April 27, 2014

University of Queensland, School of Music


The Legend Never Dies


November 30, 2013

The University of Queensland, Queensland, Australia


The Grail of Persia

Hezar Ava Ensemble features Grail of Persia in two sessions at The University of Queensland. Including stunning classic Persian masterpieces from some of the most renowned and influential Persian composers such as Sheyda, Darvish Khan, Yahaghi, and Khaleghi, this performance features original pieces composed and arranged for Hezar Ava Ensemble.

This concert is complemented by joyous and rhythmic folksongs; besides, the Persian guest opera singer adds more diversity to the inspiring melodies. Enjoy the versatility and emotive power of Persian music blended with poetry, spirituality and mysticism. 

July 13, 2013

St Leo’s College in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Concert at Brisbane City Hall


June 25, 2013

Brisbane City Hall


Concert at Customs House


April 7, 2013

University of Queensland, School of Music


Nowruz Festival


The following pieces were performed and were applauded by audiences several times.

  1. Bahare-e Delkash
  2. Zendegi Javid
  3. Amadam
  4. Hosn-e Yaar
  5. Gole Pamchal
  6. Asmar Asmar – Aman Hey Aman 

March 22, 2013

Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre (BEMAC)

102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point 4169


Khorram Yad

The following pieces were performed and were applauded by audiences several times.

  1. Raz’e Del, Composer: Homayoun Khoram, Mode: Bayat Esfahan, Lyrics: Bahador Yeganeh
  2. Taghatam Deh, Composer: Homayoun Khoram, Mode:Bidad Homayoun, Lyrics: Moieeni Kermanshahi
  3. Sokout’e Shekasteh, Composer: Homayoun Khoram, Mode:Dashti, Lyrics: Moieeni Kermanshahi
  4. Mowj’e Atash, Composer: Homayoun Khoram, Mode:Bidad Homayoun, Lyrics: Bijan Taraghi
  5. Piano improvisation, Mode: Bidad Homayoun

February 23, 2013

Griffith University, Nathan Campus